The 10 Most Annoying People You Will Meet at the Airport

Annoying Airport People

Sometimes, the most annoying thing about being at an airport isn’t the long lines or the hassle of going through the security. It’s your fellow passengers and travelers. You know who I’m talking about – those annoying airport people. If you’re a traveler, just by reading this, you probably already have some examples coming to mind.

It’s all part of the airport experience. There will always be people that due to ignorance, indifference, or personal differences will do things that get on your nerves. Those people that make you roll your eyes and think oh come on (or something even more colorful).

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A Guide to Traveling in Semarang Indonesia

semarang indonesia

Planning a trip to Indonesia? Get off the beaten path and visit the charming city of Semarang Indonesia. The city of Semarang can be easily reached and is only a short distance from the country’s capital. The city is a mix of modern buildings, Dutch colonial architecture, and Chinese influence.

Along the north coast of the Indonesian Island of Java lies the bustling city of Semerang. The city boasts several exciting tourist attractions within its borders and in nearby towns.

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The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your Home Before Vacation

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your Home Before Vacation

An important part of organizing and preparing for any trip involves making sure that your home is ready for your departure. This Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your Home Before Vacation gives you 15 ways to prepare your home. In the rush of packing, and trying to shake off that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something, it can be easy to put home preparations on the back burner. However, taking steps to prepare your home before you leave will give you piece of mind while you’re away.

No matter where you go, here’s 14 steps you can use for preparing your home before vacation.

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Toiletry Bag Giveaway


Toiletry bags are great! I love to find ways to make packing easier and more efficient – and sharing what I find with you! Gone are the days where I threw all my toiletries into Ziploc bags! I’m excited to be doing this toiletry bag giveaway with NeatPack where you could win 1 of 3 NeatPack Toiletry Bags!

If you’ve used toiletry bags before then you already know how much easier they can make packing. If you haven’t used them before, then this is a great opportunity to start! I will be giving away 3 NeatPack Toiletry bags during November.

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20 Carry-On Travel Essentials for Your Next Flight

20 carry-on travel essentials for your next trip

Whenever I take a trip I always pack these 20 carry-on travel essentials with me. Having your bag packed with these essential carry on items will keep you comfortable on a long flight and help you pack lighter.

These airplane carry-on essentials can all fit into a small tote, purse, or backpack.  Instead of trying to remember these essentials every time you pack, keep a travel bag or a travel shelf stocked with these items.

Without further ado, here is my list of must have carry-on travel essentials…

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