Avoid Over Planning Your Next Trip: Why Less Planning is the Best Plan

Avoid Over Planning

It can be tempting to over plan a trip. It can be comforting to hold up your binder full of reservations, schedules, and brochures and think I’ve got this! There’s nothing wrong with booking accommodations ahead of time during peak season or researching some sights you would like to see. That being said, don’t plan your trip down to the very last detail and minute. An over planned trip is like a trip in handcuffs – you need to give yourself the freedom to wander, to discover, and to be spontaneous. Avoid over planning your trip so that you can be more flexible. You’ll discover that some of the best things that happen on your trip are the things you didn’t plan.

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Budget Travel Tips: How to Save Money When Planning a Trip

how to save money when planning a trip

As a student on a budget I traveled to over 30 countries and I want to share with you how you can save more to travel more. Leading up to a trip, there are things that you can do that will help you save money while. Being prepared and doing research can help you avoid extra costs and find deals. As you prepare for your next trip, keep these tips on how to save money when planning a trip in mind.

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Budget Travel Tips: 14 Practical Ways Save Money Fast

save money for your next trip

Think you can’t afford to travel? Struggle to save money? Last year I traveled to eight different countries on three different continents. I didn’t have a fancy job making lots of money. I was a student working part-time. Paying rent, groceries, tuition, and all my other bills. So how did I manage to do so much travelling? Over time I’ve found ways to cut down on day-to-day expenses. This has allowed me to save more, and as a result, travel more. These 14 tips to save money fast will have you filling up your piggy bank in no time.

These tips can be used to save money for travel – or anything else!

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Ultimate 48 Hour Travel Guide to Hobart Tasmania

Hobart Tasmania

Hobart combines heritage charm with a modern lifestyle in a setting of exceptional beauty.  Heritage, scenery, culture, waterfront, galleries, theatres, craft shops, and world-class activities and attractions – there’s a bit of everything! This ultimate weekend guide to Hobart will tell you about some of the must see places and must try foods. Ready to discover the beautiful and historical city of Hobart Tasmania?

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12 Mistakes to Avoid During Your First Year Blogging

First Year Blogging

The most important thing when starting a blog is to be realistic. So here’s your reality check. I’m not here to tell you to write great content. Have an eye-catching headlines. Use long-term tail keywords. Share your posts on social media. Include share buttons. Use analytics. Yes of course these things can help. But you can do all these things (and more) and still only have a handful of people reading your blog. Itchy Feet Travel had its first birthday a few months ago. My first year blogging had many ups and downs. Many challenges and frustrations. Some mistakes and some wins.

Learn from my mistakes to avoid repeating them.

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