7 Affordable Accommodation Alternatives to Hotels

affordable accommodation alternatives

Nowadays, travelers have many options when it comes to choosing a place to sleep. Many new types of accommodations have popped up in past years offering much more choice and flexibility. Travelers who are willing to consider alternatives to hotels can find budget friendly – or even free – accommodations. Check out these 7 affordable accommodation alternatives to hotels before your next trip!

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Get More Twitter Followers in 5 Easy Steps: 1000 Followers A Week

increase you twitter followers

I’m guessing that you’ve recently looked at someone else’s twitter account and thought Damn, how did they get so many twitter followers!?

You don’t need to be a marketing guru or a social media master to grow your Twitter account. I have seen articles that offer up to 50 tips on how to increase your followers. I am going to offer you five fundamentals. Keep it simple so that it’s realistic and attainable. Be consistent, be focused, and be engaging. And before you know it, you’ll be on your way to 1000 followers a week.

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