Avoid Over Planning Your Next Trip: Why Less Planning is the Best Plan

Avoid Over Planning

It can be tempting to over plan a trip. It can be comforting to hold up your binder full of reservations, schedules, and brochures and think I’ve got this! There’s nothing wrong with booking accommodations ahead of time during peak season or researching some sights you would like to see. That being said, don’t plan your trip down to the very last detail and minute. An over planned trip is like a trip in handcuffs – you need to give yourself the freedom to wander, to discover, and to be spontaneous. Avoid over planning your trip so that you can be more flexible. You’ll discover that some of the best things that happen on your trip are the things you didn’t plan.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Trip

Planning a trip can be lots of fun, but it can also be stressful. Whether you’re planning your first trip, or your 12th, it’s easy to make some of these common mistakes. These mistakes can result in extra stress, troubles, and costs.

Before planning your next trip, check out these common mistakes that travelers make when planning a trip. Being aware of these mistakes and avoiding them can help you have a positive planning experience and a fun trip!

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Staycation: Discover Your Part of the World


Many people overlook what’s right in their backyards. They forget to check out all the great things their home town, and surrounding areas, have to offer. Trying to save money this summer? Want to avoid the stress of travelling? Can’t travel because of health concerns? Your boss won’t give you a couple weeks off work?  What you need is a staycation!

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