How to Compare Hotel Prices & Deals to Get The Best Option

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Searching for a great hotel deal can be overwhelming, frustrating and confusing. With so many options how do you pick the best one for your needs and preferences? Luckily there are websites designed to make this process easier. With the help of these websites and an organised spreadsheet, finding a hotel becomes less stressful and more fun. Check out these 3 tips to help you compare hotel prices and deals for your next trip!

3 Tips to help you compare hotel prices and deals

As much as I love to save extra money and stay at hostels or budget accommodations, sometimes I love to treat myself and stay at a hotel. That extra bit of luxury can come at a price which is way, on the rare occasion that I do stay at a hotel, I still like to get a good deal.

Hint 1: Stay organised so you can easily compare

Before you start your search, start a sheet to keep track of and compare hotels. Create a column for name, location, price, rating, amenities, and any other factors you may want to consider when making your decision. This way it will be easy for you to organise all your different options and make the best decision. The sheet done can be done old school with paper and pen or you can make one on excel. What’s most important is that you have one place where you can easily compare the hotels that you think could be the best fit.

Hint 2: Don’t just look at the total price – look at home much bang you get for your buck

Having a sheet where you can organise your accommodation options will help you to compare hotels on many factors. For example, the price may be very important factor to you when booking a hotel. If you only look at the total cost you could be missing out on a better deal.

For example, hotel A may cost $20 more per night than Hotel B. Initially you might think hotel A is a better deal. Not so fast! You also need to look at any additional costs that could come into play. For example, hotel A could have complimentary breakfast and free parking while Hotel B does not. Once you take these extra costs into consideration Hotel A may be a better deal.

Hint 3: Be flexible if you can

If you can, be flexible with your travel dates. Look at different dates when you search for hotels online. Prices may fluctuate depending on whether you stay during the week or on the weekend. If there is an event going on then prices can also rise. If you are willing to be a bit further from the action you can also often find better deals outside of downtown and major cities.


Searching for the right hotel can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are websites designed to make it easy for you to compare hotel prices and deals. This post has been sponsored by They find which hotels are available from over 30 booking sites to offer you all prices available for a hotel.

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What are your tips for finding the perfect hotel? Let me know in the comments!

Happy travels and happy hotel hunting,

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