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On the lookout for travel apps that can help enhance your travel experience? GPSmyCity makes apps that feature self-guided city walks. They have articles and guides that you can download for over 600 cities around the world. You can access their wide wide range of travel apps without using the internet. GPSmyCity travel apps are a great resource for any traveler. Download the app for free and find thousands of travel articles and self-guided walking tours!

GPSmyCity Travel Apps – Benefits

Download GPSmyCity on either IOS or Android devices. The travel articles and self-guided walking tours come with a built-in offline map and GPS routing capability. This app will give you access to thousands of travel articles at the tip of your fingers!

One of the great benefits of this app is that you can access the information offline. It’s not always possible to get an internet connection when travelling.  No more having to pay for expensive roaming or wander around looking for WiFi.

Another great feature of this app is that it comes with GPS navigation support. While reading a travel article you’ll probably see see a location that your interested in checking out. It can be an attraction, or a restaurant, or anything else listed in the articles. Locations that are mentioned in the app articles come with directions. You can access the directions by using an offline city map. This is much more convenient than switching back and forth between online articles and separate map apps.

  • Work offline
  • Multiple walks in each city
  • Detailed walk route map
  • GPS-guided city walks

Accessing Your GPSmyCity Travel Apps

First, download the free GPSmyCity app onto your smart phone or tablet. You can then browse by city to see what articles are available.  You can then download the article for free or upgrade. An upgrade will allow you to take advantage of offline use and GPS tracking.

The download of any article is free. The download of the app is also free!

You can pay just 0.99$ to upgrade your articles. This upgrade will connect the article to a GPS navigation engine. This can be used for whenever you want to obtain directions to the sights described in the article.  Downloading and reading the article doesn’t cost anything, but to have the article turned into a GPS-powered virtual tour guide you need to upgrade.

More GPSmyCity Travel Apps

The following articles by will be available through GPSmyCity.

Do you have any favorite travel apps? Comment and let me know!

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