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I always love to hear about the unique and innovative ways people find to make their dreams of becoming digital nomads true. When I heard about how Tom and Gabi had been able to turn their passion for travel, photography, and fashion into a digital nomad lifestyle I wanted to help share their journey and story. Tom and Gabi sold everything they owned in the Netherlands and hit the road to start a great adventure. Keep reading to find out more about Tom, Gabi and their business Project Landscape.

How It All Began – The Trip That Started it All

Two years ago I travelled from Cancun through Central America, on to Colombia and Ecuador. It was a four-month trip which I started alone and ended with my boyfriend. We had already been dating for seven years and wanted to go on an adventure. I started off the trip as a solo traveller because I wanted to travel for four months, and he could only get two and a half months vacation. So that’s what I did. It was more than I could have ever hoped for.

With this trip I literally wanted to throw myself into a new world that I didn’t know, to see how I would react. At first, I felt very insecure about travelling alone but in the end, it was a very positive experience. I had a lot more faith in myself and the things I was capable of doing. Meeting Tom halfway in Costa Rica was a bit strange at first. I had travelled alone for many weeks, making my own decisions and taking care of my own issues. But after a couple of days, everything felt so right again and I was happy to go on with this adventure together.

Project Landscape

We hiked up a Volcano in Nicaragua, sailed in five days from Panama to Colombia on a catamaran and we went into the jungle in Ecuador. So many adventures! I had to push myself into new challenges. It made me a more creative person, helped me to believe in myself, and I got more trust in life in general. The landscapes that we came across were so beautiful and struck me as a photographer. I wanted to capture every single part of it.

Project Landscape

The Beginning of Project Landscape

One day, we were mountain biking down a 5200m volcano when it hit me. I told Tom that it would be my dream to do fashion photo shoots in these kind of landscapes. Back home I was doing fashion photography. In my own time, I was always busy with landscape pictures that I would re-construct. But actually combining these two loves and working on fashion in these landscapes would be so fulfilling. We talked about it and dreamed away with this new idea of us travelling the world like this.

Project Landscape

After four months we ended our trip and went back to our regular jobs. Me as a photographer and Tom as a marketer for a young and ambitious online company in Amsterdam. A few months later, I remember vividly, we were at a music festival and Tom asked me why we would not just go for it. Start a new and unique concept that allows us to travel the world. Do photo shoots around the world in the craziest and most beautiful landscapes you can think of. We talked about it together, discussed it with a lot of other people and wrote a business plan. Things were getting serious. We contacted brands and went on loads of meetings, explaining our concept and showing brands what we could offer.

Project Landscape

Our First Big Break

The brands that we talked to were very interested and, just one month later, we got our very first serious assignment for Bufandy! It’s scarf brand that makes their scarfs in Ecuador from Alpaca wool. After this other brands quickly followed. Now we are travelling and working in South America for the last seven months, so crazy! I am writing this piece in Bolivia, where we are about to do an awesome shoot for a Dutch designer. After this, we will hit Brazil and we will see where life brings us next!

Project Landscape

A Dream Come True!

For me, as a photographer, it’s a dream coming true to work in these landscapes. We scout locations and stay in touch with the brands to make sure they get the end results that they want. I do the styling on set, hair and make-up, the photography and post-production. We scout our models on the street and in hostels because we think it’s pretty cool to work with other travelers. They are amazing people with interesting life stories. Besides that, Tom is working on the marketing for PROJECT: LANDSCAPE and always on the lookout for new brands to collaborate with.

Project Landscape

Project Landscape

Project Landscape

Contact Project Landscape

I feel so blessed that we can work on this project together. The world is such a beautiful place and I’m so happy that I can capture it in my way. If you have any questions about Project: Landscape or if you are interested in working together, please feel free to contact me. Would be so nice to get in touch!

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