London’s Top 5 Rooftop Bars for Summer 2017

London Rooftop Bars

Summer is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate the nice weather than to enjoy a pint with friends at a local bar! We spoke to London resident and bar enthusiast Liam to find out which London rooftop bars are a must visit this summer.

If the last week or two are anything to go by, London is in for a scorcher of a summer! Given that the old-fashioned London pub: thick carpets, oak panelling, roaring fire – are not conducive to summer-time fun, that means that we need to find somewhere more suitable to enjoy a drink or two.

One option is to pack up a basket and go for a picnic. The park scene in London is underrated and there are plenty of glorious city centre parks like Regent’s, Hyde and Richmond to explore.

Roofs are no longer there to merely save us from the elements, oh no, roofs are there for us to stand on and bask in everyone’s favourite element – the sunshine.

Top 5 London Rooftop Bars 2017

Here are our top five roof terraces in central London from a travel writer who lives and works in England’s fair capital.

London Rooftop Bars

Frank’s Café

The panoramic view on display from Frank’s café is the best in London. Don’t believe me? Go andsee it for yourself. Spanning from Canary Wharf out east, to Battersea Power Station out west – this is a remarkable view from which you can pick out many of London’s famous landmarks: St Paul’s, The Tower of London, the Gurkin, the Shard, the London Eye, they’re all there. The venue itself is aesthetically modest (it’s the top floor of a car park) but trendy art installations, lots of space and a great sound system make it a unique experience. Worth the trip for the view alone.

10th Floor, Peckham Multi Story Carpark, 95A Rye Lane, London

Big Chill House

You won’t stumble across the Big Chill House in King’s Cross as it’s on a busy main road and the most urban location on this list. It’s worth looking for if you’re around this area of North London. Once on the roof you will totally forget you were in a busy metropolis moments before. The space is expansive, spacious and comfortable. There are quirky wooden shacks serving hot dogs, nachos and the like and if you’re visiting on a weekend, look out for the boozy bottomless brunch too.

57-259 Pentonville Rd, Kings Cross, London

Faltering Fullback

This is a labyrinth of a roof garden spanning multiple levels which are on and off the roof. Confused? Intrigued? Both good reasons to go. True to the name (a position in rugby) this pub is good for live sport but if you’re not a sports fan, don’t let that put you off as there is plenty more on offer. As well as a good selection of beer, wine and spirits, there are more nooks and crannies in this roof garden than there are in a CS Lewis children’s book!

19 Perth Rd, Finsbury Park, London

Dalston Roof Park

A roof park that used to be a community allotment you say? Yup, it could only be in London’s trendiest Borough, Dalston. Luckily the “don’t stand on the grass” signs have been replaced by cool little bars, comfy seating and, indeed, artificial grass that you can stand on. Live DJs, cocktail bartenders, scrumptious BBQ nosh and more hipsters than a mime version of Kubrick’s it’s possible to fit onto one roof.

18 Ashwin St, London

Radio Rooftop Bar

Possibly the best-known roof terrace in central London, Radio Rooftop Bar offers an excellent 360-degree vantage point of London’s skyline. Sure, you will pay a premium for your cocktails but they are of the highest standard, as is the service in general. This is one for travellers wanting that little bit extra, who don’t mind paying for it. Ring ahead or risk not getting a seat out on the terrace. If you can’t get out on the terrace, then it’s probably not worth the prices.

336-337 Strand, London

Best Bars in London for Summer Fun

Cheers to summer! What are some of your favourite place in London to celebrate summer? Let me know in the comments!

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